Hydro energy

Block One Technology offers a broad range of hydropower generation solutions ranging from equipment’s through to installation of new plants. Our services range from hydro turbines, generators, machinery and systems

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Large hydro

Block One Technology has a successful track record in building large hydropower plants that meets client requirements. With this expertise comes the commitment to finding an eco-friendly, efficient and highly effective solutions through consultation, optimization and construction of large and small hydropower plants.

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Small hydro

Global climate change has been the driving force for eco-friendly power generating systems for decades. Although the use of water to convert energy is one of the oldest creations, its importance and relevance has increased significantly in the recent times. Block One Technology has specialised in small hydropower plants for years and with their innovative technological initiative, Block One Technology is able to provide a modern eco-friendly small hydropower plants to meet any requirement.

Our Services

Hydro services

Block One Technology offers asset management service for hydro power plants to monitor performance and efficiency. This allows investors to optimise their power plants over its lifetime either through a comprehensive asset management plan or through a customised plan.

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