Renewable energy

With a strong demand for renewable energy technologies from utilities, industrial and commercial consumers, Block One Technology has been providing innovative and sustainable solutions for their customers to achieve their sustainability goals.

In order to optimise performance, Block One Technology often combines their energy solution in order to maximise results and insure efficiency.

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Hybrid power solutions

Hybrid solution such as solar and wind are expected to become the largest source of renewable energy. They compliment each other as they both suffer an element of inconsistency because it the sun doesn’t always shine and nor does the wind always blow. However, combined they offer a power combination. Block One Technology is able to provide you with a hybrid plant that is able to deliver reliable energy stream.

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PPA solutions

Block One Technology having a holistic energy service is able to provide investors with PPA opportunities. Due to Block One Technology’s expertise in manufacturing, operating and managing energy solutions has put us in an ideal position to offer power purchase agreements for investors directly from supplier. This helps to effectively manage cost and consumption for investors and suppliers.

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Solar energy

Block One Technology is able to dispatch an efficient and cost effective solar power plants that help investors meet their financial and sustainability goals. With our innovative turn key solution from design to installation, we have been able to deliver state-of-the- art results.

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