Bitcoin / US Dollar    -1.06 %


Ethereum / US Dollar    -1.11 %


XRP / US Dollar    -0.87 %


Bitcoin Cash / US Dollar    +0.14 %


Litecoin / US Dollar    +0.92 %


North America’s Leading Crypto Mining Company

We work directly with power generation providers, which allows us to utilize an optimised approach to energy generation.

Unparalleled Support for Your
Crypto Currency Investments

Our investment management service gives qualified individuals and institutional investors insightful support and customizable solutions to guide and grow their investments. Contact us to learn more.

Why choose us


Founded upon five years of experience in the sector, we offer expert guidance and a proven approach to crypto mining. Our farms are located in Canada, a safe and secure jurisdiction with a crypto friendly government.

Through our strategic partnerships, we have created crypto mining facilities that challenge the market with reduced downtime by offering the latest technology that can be installed and deployed in record time.


By securing our own energy supply, we’ve reduced costs and increased operational efficiency.


Our 99% uptime reflects our commitment to optimizing our operations and maximizing performance for our clients.


Canada’s colder climate reduces the need for additional cooling and enhances operational capabilities.

Safe and secure

Our farm is located in a crypto friendly jurisdiction and is supported by 24/7 on-site maintenance and security.